Auto Insurance Myths That Can Mislead Policy Shoppers

Posted on: 20 December 2018

While automotive insurance might not be one of the most exciting topics to learn about, having an informed understanding about these policies can be necessary for anyone that drives a vehicle. Without this type of knowledge, it can be impossible to provide effective coverage for yourself and your vehicle.

Myth: Collision Coverage Is The Same As Having Comprehensive Protection

Many drivers may want to enjoy the protection that comes with a comprehensive policy. However, there can be misconceptions as to whether policies that offer collision coverage are the same as comprehensive ones. While a collision coverage policy will protect your vehicle from issues such as uninsured drivers, it may not provide protection against theft, storm damage, or other potential sources of damage. A comprehensive policy will cover these types of threats, which can make higher premiums for this coverage negligible when compared to the protection that it can offer.

Myth: There Are No Options For Reducing Your Auto Insurance Costs

Reducing the costs of your auto insurance can be another important goal for you. There are a few strategies that you may be able to utilize to lower the costs of your vehicle's coverage. While avoiding accidents and speeding tickets are the most important steps you can take, improving your credit score can also help as this is a factor that can often influence the premium costs for an insurance policy.

Myth: All Vehicles Will Cost You The Same To Insure

When you are choosing a vehicle to buy, you will want to be mindful that there can be major differences in the costs of insuring seemingly similar vehicles. While individuals are often aware of the fact that insuring a sports car will be more expensive than insuring a family sedan, they may not realize that there can be differences between insuring vehicles of similar types and values. For this reason, it can be worthwhile to review insurance quotes for all of the vehicles you are considering buying as this can help you to choose the vehicle that may have the lower insurance costs.

Myth: Rental Coverage Is Always Included

After an accident, your vehicle may take days or longer to be repaired. During this time, individuals often assume that the insurance will always pay for a rental vehicle. However, this is not always included with these policies. Furthermore, each policy can have different amounts of rental coverage. For example, some may only offer partial compensation while others may pay for the entire cost of the rental vehicle. Also, there can be differences in the caps for this coverage as some policies may only provide rental coverage for the first few days.

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