3 Reasons You Should Purchase An Extended Auto Warranty When Buying A Used Car

Posted on: 3 March 2022

When purchasing a used car from a dealership, the salesman that helps you complete this purchase is almost sure to offer you the option of purchasing an extended auto warranty. While you may think that this is just a sales gimmick to get you to spend more money, the fact is that there are many benefits that come along with choosing to purchase this type of warranty coverage. Read on to learn more about three of the reasons why you should consider choosing to purchase an extended vehicle warranty when buying a used car.

#1: Save Money On Your Auto Insurance

An extended auto warranty will typically offer some of the same types of coverage as your auto insurance. For example, your warranty coverage is likely to offer you glass coverage and roadside assistance. Since there is no need for double coverage, you will be able to eliminate these coverage options from your auto insurance policy. This can allow you to save on your monthly premiums while still ensuring that you have all the quality coverage that you need.

#2: Ensure You Are Able To Make Prompt Repairs

Purchasing a vehicle can put a rather serious dent in your savings in the months following your purchase. While this is to be expected when making any type of major purchase, the fact is that your limited resources could lead to you putting off vehicle repairs in the hopes of having some time to save up the necessary funds. This is a bad approach to take since putting off minor repairs can easily lead to the need for major repairs later on. With an extended vehicle warranty, you can be sure that you always have the ability to get your car fixed promptly without worrying about your bank account taking a major hit.

#3: Avoid Paying For Major Repairs In The Near Future

Even if you take every precaution to help ensure you have picked a good quality used car, you cannot guarantee that the vehicle will not need repairs in the near future. This is because while a mechanic can give you valuable information regarding the vehicle's current condition, they are not able to predict exactly how many miles you will be able to drive before the vehicle will require service. Consequently, it is quite possible that you could find yourself needing a new engine or transmission just months after purchasing your car—despite the fact it was running perfectly when you got it. With an extended auto warranty, you will not need to worry about the financial strain that these types of major repairs can bring. 

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